NJ State Commission of Investigation Issues Scathing Report on Solid Waste and Recycling Industry

January 2, 2012
By John T. Ambrosio, Esq. on January 2, 2012 7:00 AM |

Citing 30 examples of organized crime infiltration, the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation (SCI) recently released a far reaching report alleging severe deficiencies in the state's Solid Waste Licensing Law, also known as the A-901 Law, and recommended changes allegedly designed to broaden its scope in an effort to combat corruption in the solid waste and recycling industries. The 78 page report, released to the public on December 6, 2011, may be reviewed in its entirely on the SCI website.

Among the key findings of the report are that solid waste and recycling industry today "remains open to manipulation and abuse by criminal elements that circumvent the State's existing regulatory and oversight system ..." and that convicted felons, including organized crime members and associates, profit heavily from commercial recycling, which, though a lucrative adjunct to solid waste, has remained largely unregulated." The SCI report went on to state that "Commission's latest investigation has revealed that individuals who were banned from the solid waste industry in New Jersey years ago because of ties to organized crime or other criminal activities nonetheless have found ways to conduct a lucrative commerce in waste-hauling and recycling here."

While the intent of the regulatory changed proposed by the SCI is laudable, they have been widely criticized since their release and no doubt will make the already cumbersome process of obtaining and maintaining an A-901 license even more so for legitimate business concerns.